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Willow and Baker
Our shop mascots are always on alert inspecting the latest delivery.
  1. Willow the cat in a basket
  2. Willow in drawing
  3. Willow and Baker the mascot cats listening
  4. Willow the mascot is stretching
  5. Baker the cat wears a floral headpiece
  6. Baker the cat writes Santa
Hard At Work
 Behind the Scenes
Willow's ability to recall flower species is simply amazing. He can sense when a flower is past its prime or when the fragrance is the most powerful. He is non-stop in the shop and greets every customer with a warm brush of the leg.
Known for his bold attitude, Baker works hard encouraging Willow to perform the weekly cooler walks with style. He is always preparing flowers for delivery and does the general heavy lifting in the shop. 
Patricia Davidson